Sebastian's Vitals
Name: Sebastian Vadois
Race: Mage
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Position: NWO - Gray Man
Themesong: Temposhark - Don't Mess With Me
Eric Dane as Sebastian Vadois

Name: Sebastian Vadois
Convention: New World Order
Methodology: Operative
Status: Gray Man - Infiltration & Manipulation

Primary Duties: Observe, Organize, and Direct non-Union resources against sources of extra-dimensional corruption (Superstitionist Designations: Nephandi, Black Spiral Dancers, Fomori, Infernalists, and others.), in particular as it relates to the prevention of such entities from gaining a foothold within Houston's dimensional reflections or real-world aspects during its rebuilding.

Rank: Sebastian at least claims to be the head of operations for the New World Order in Houston, as assigned by the Man in White in charge of the Southwestern United States. As a Gray Man of considerable Enlightenment, this may possibly be true despite his dubious method of operation. Given that at the time of this writing there are no other New World Order operatives in Houston, this has yet to be put to the test.

IC Notes: Sebastian has some amount of notoriety within the NWO, and even outside it, for his unconventional approach and the frequency of unusual assignments he's given. While Gray Men are famous for the level of freedom they are granted in terms of acceptable insubordination or creative interpretation of (or even 'losing') orders they find objectionable, Sebastian seems to have taken it to new heights. His method of 'Infiltration' relies less on pretending to be a Tradition, and more on an apparent aptitude with convincing Deviant elements to work with (even trust) him. This has led to the opposite feeling for many within the Union who know of it, and many of the powers that be consider him a potential threat to Union stability. Only his continued success in eliminating Nephandic (and other) threats with minimal (if any) expenditure of Union resources, and the unusual support of his immediate Man in White superior have so far kept him alive. Those factors have not, however, kept Union bureaucracy from grinding to a halt wherever his requests might be made.

Spheres: Sebastian is known to be skilled with Correspondence, Mind, and Life in particular.

Notable Merits: Legendary Attribute (Charisma), Confidence
Notable Flaws: Mr. Red Tape, Fifth Degree

Home: Sebastian lives on a Meridian 580 Pilothouse, a 60' yacht.

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