Sam's Vitals
Name: Dr. Samantha Hargeddy
Race: Mage
Shortdesc: Grey-eyed Brunette
Position: Aeronautical Engineer; Ethership Dimensional Engineer
Themesong: 'Build The Robots,' Dr. Steel
Summer Glau as Dr. Samantha Hargeddy


Samantha Hargeddy was the direct product of the 1980 Phoenix, Arizona Computer Engineering Convention when her mother, drunk and feeling empowered by her wide shoulder-pads and smart business suit, encountered her father, a smart Italian-American named Guiseppe Rosetti. Alas, their one night of complete irresponsibility was not meant to last, and Samantha's mother, Elizabeth, was left filled with a child and a cargo-hold of regret. Samantha was born on April 29th, 1981. Elizabeth quickly married a co-worker named Robert Hargeddy and, while not a marriage built completely on love, found happiness of a sort. Samantha grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, spending her childhood and formative teenage years there. Her father did happen to hear about her, and dropped in a couple times to see her while Samantha was in high school. She found it hard to get along with him at first, since he seemed aloof, strange and attracted a lot of negative attention from passersby. Guiseppe had set away a good deal of money for his own personal use. When he'd heard about Samantha and met up with her, he placed this money in her hands. She used it to go to college.

First attending the Arizona State University in Phoenix, Samantha marshaled her time and funds to pay her way through college, wind up in sorority (Delta Zeta) and be an active member of the physics club. She majored in physics and, following her undergraduate years, went on to specialize in aerodynamics. Samantha worked as a teacher's aide for a professor named Abigail Jane Dupont, who was a doctor of physical sciences. Dr. Dupont took a special interest in Samantha's drive and ambition and started tutoring her personally after classes. Abigail Jane was a very old professor, having been at the school for as long as most of the Deans could even remember. She introduced Sam to various theories, testing her interest level, before finally introducing Enlightened scientific theory; when Samantha had achieved her Master's of Physics, Dr. Dupont had given her a personal copy of the Kitab al-Alacir. During her summer vacation and in preparation for transfer to the Berkeley doctoral program, Samantha read through the book voraciously, writing notes and questions in the margins and found herself Enlightened.


Berkeley was a strange place for a young Etherite to end up. Receiving the names and numbers of a local Researcher union, Samantha was able to keep up her study of Dynamic Science; all the while, she practiced her own inventions, invested her time in understanding static physics and the physical void, and smoked a great deal of marijuana. It was during her doctoral studies that Samantha picked up her strange love of stimulants. There was simply not enough time in the day for her to complete all of her required activities. As such, she forced more time to exist for her. Later, she would tell her friends and contemporaries that, since Time itself is relative, she simply made more time for herself by choosing not to sleep. After three years at Berkeley, Samantha created a stable dimensional anchor that would draw spiritual energy (what she calls electro-spiritual impulses of the Umbral midband). She brought this device before the local Etherite Tribunal and was given her accolades as a Doctor of Dimensional Science. Within a year following, she graduated with honors from Berkeley's graduate studies program, earning herself a PhD in Engineering Physics, specializing in Aerodynamics.

Following her graduation ceremony, she was requisitioned by Dr. Abigail Dupont for a specific mission with the Royal Ethernautical Society. Professing a deep love of dimensional concepts (as extra-dimensional places are where normal physics seem not to apply, therefore are an anomaly and must be studied and explored), Samantha jumped at the opportunity and found herself placed as an engineer on an Ethership built in the mid-twenties. Dr. Dupont carefully monitored Samantha; the old Victorian Master was vaguely appalled at Samantha's admittance to drug use and her continual use of stimulant-based substances. Dupont sought to instill her own virtues into the girl by way of a small, feminine robot that called itself Doc Mechinops.

Samantha and Doc became a fairly regular sight in the ship's galley, where Samantha would drink enhanced beverages under the disapproving LED stare of her robot companion, who rebuked men from paying attention to its master. The Etherite didn't seem to care. So she had a crazy man-hating robot? She was traveling on a giant space ship past the Pleiades! This was an adventure! Samantha would adhere to that philosophy until her ship was attacked by something from beyond the void.

On any other day, Samantha would wake up, oil Doc Mechinops, research the text Scientific Ethics with religious fervor and head down to the engineering section for work. The day that the E.S.S. Verne was attacked, Samantha was awoken by Doc's caterwauling, arms flailing, bashing its body into the wall. Sam calmed the robot and went out to investigate. The ship was like a grave - silent and cold. Samantha made her way through the ship, hushing the little robot doctor and keeping it close to her. She found a small energy propulsion gun and made her way to the bridge. The fighting had come to a stand-still there. A fairly young and inexperienced Etherite, Samantha was possessed of a great deal of personal will and courage. She leapt past the doors to the bridge and started blasting away at the Umbral horrors that had invaded the ship. The Elder Beings that slithered their way into the bridge were caught off-guard, allowing the remaining defenders to put them down. Samantha was injured in the fight and was taken back to Earth for long-term care.

The Avatar Storm forced Dr. Dupont to leave Earth's atmosphere, disappearing into the Ether realms. Samantha, left alone and fully healed, now unsure of her place, sought out further adventure. The hurricane and its destruction of every Willworker drew her attention towards Houston. If someone was going to rebuild, then by God it would be Samantha Hargeddy! And considering the space center, perhaps she could even find a way to punch back into the Void and plumb its depths. The old maps were useless now. It was pointless to be deterred by the setback of the Avatar Storm. Samantha found solace in the fact that she could be part of the group that would re-map the depths of Etherspace.


George "Long Since Past" Calinori is Samantha's father. He is an Adren Glass Walker Theurge and a member of the Wise Guys camp. Having some influence in the Italian mob, Long Since Past managed to strike it big through the investment in various financial institutions; he wisely pulled his money out before the banks folded due to the mortgage crisis of 2008. Now, the old Glass Walker lives in Tucson, Arizona, participating in a sept as the Caller of the Wyld and the Master of Challenges. He has paid attention to Samantha's progress and, even though he doesn't really understand much of what she talks about now, still has some form of communication with her either by telephone or through written correspondence. He feels that his daughter wishes to fight the Wyrm in her own way and, while she was not gifted with a First Change, she was given the tool to do so - her mind. George explained to Samantha how best to keep nodes from folding under pressure and how to appease spirits. He explained about the Umbra and Umbral realms, as well as advising her on how to treat chiminage. While Samantha looks at the Umbra from a scientist's point of view, she understands that the Umbra is also a place of intention - the animistic Umbra would conform to what her father told her. Therefore, his understanding of it would outweigh her own.

It is probably through her connection to her father that explains the weakness in the Gauntlet around Samantha. She finds it easier than most to reach through, to step sideways and to deal with spiritual energies. Her father shared a similar gift, which causes Samantha no end to grief and confusion; in the punnet square of her genealogy, being a werewolf is recessive, but being able to easily jump through the Gauntlet is dominant?! Her father currently maintains a pack of other Glass Walkers in Tucson, who are packed underneath the Glass Walker totem of Clashing Boom-Boom.




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