Rex Jebediah Rawlings, Jr.
Rex's Vitals
Name: Rex Jebediah Rawlings, Jr.
Race: Mage
Shortdesc: An eyepatch and a white suit. Colonel Sanders.
Position: Filthy Rich Virginian Aristocrat
Themesong: Franz Liszt's Liebestraum
{$Actor} as Rex Jebediah Rawlings, Jr.

Tradition: Order of Hermes
Faction: House Bonisagus

IC Notes: Rex Jebediah Rawlings Jr. has been a fairly large figure in the history of the Nine Traditions post-Hurricane. Having helped establish the current Traditions charter for the Houston area, helped clear the way for the current Chantry's construction, defended it from attack, been instrumental in its politics, been a factor in the cultivating of its nodes and resources, and helping to fund its ongoing maintenance upkeep and improvement, Rex is considered a key player for the Traditions in Houston. He now functions as the Chantry Head and operates as a leader in many of the ongoing issues that mages face. Previously an unknown in America due to his absence while adventuring in Africa along the Congo River for years, he returned some time ago with a bang and has been a rip-roaring troublemaker ever since.

To the public, he is the eccentric and generous owner of a considerable personal fortune and the Patriarch of a cloistered and all-but gone Virginian gentry family, which he parlayed into an enormous amount of means. He will frequently obtain what he wants by purchasing it. In private, he has considerable hands-on experience with various different occult goings-on and his knowledge and know-how are no secret to the many that work with him behind the Veil. His aptitude with magic, while not at the level of respected Masters, is wide and powerful, and he is considered a Seventh Degree Adept Major in his own Order, one of perhaps a handful. However, in his Order, he is considered something of a pariah due to his flippant attitude, lack of caution, perceived lack of studiousness and playboyishness, and frequent gross tolerance of other Traditions (though many of other Traditions may tell you he is still quite the superior-thinking elitist that the Order is known for). To other Traditions, he might be known for his ruthlessness, cunning, and charisma. To any other supernaturals, including the Technocracy, if his name is spoken at all, it is with a degree of caution and unease at his power and forceful attitude.

Notable Merits: Confidence

Notable Flaws: One-Eye.

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