Poppy Livingston
Poppy's Vitals
Name: Poppy Livingston
Race: Mortal+
Shortdesc: 20-ish girl with blonde & purple hair and violet eyes.
Position: Student
Themesong: Uncle Kracker ~ Smile
Kaley Cuoco as Poppy Livingston

Tradition: Sons of Ether ~ Custos

Poppy Livingston is a fairly common sight around The Mean Streets, as a full time student and resident at the St. Clair Apartment complex, where she lives with a German Rex cat she calls Null. She is also known to work part time at the Fix-It Shop. She would be considered by most to be pretty outgoing and friendly with an occasionally tendency towards being uncomfortably blunt and honest.


HEP: Poppy was one of the “volunteers” in this Human Evolution Project that was conducted by a group of Etherites. Rumors about her involvement suggest she might have been “volunteered” after angering Dr. Bebe Livingston, but she was quickly run through the processes and then sent to Houston to live and go to school, where she would be monitored as needed. She was also given instructions to make herself available to assist the Tradition as needed/wanted, putting her into the position of custos.

Numina: Poppy is known to possess the following numina, at vary levels of power and capability: Telepathy, Synergy, Mental Shields, Fascination, Fortune.

Notable Merits: Iron Will
Notable Flaws: Amnesia, Phobia, Compulsively Messy

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