Panthea Timotheus
Panthea's Vitals
Name: Panthea Timotheus
Race: Mage
Shortdesc: Pretty but a bit too serious, long-ish blonde hair & blue eyes.
Position: PI
Themesong: What I've Done ~~ Linkin Park
Kristen Bell as Panthea Timotheus

Name: Panthea Timotheus
Tradition: Euthanatos
Faction: Pomegranate Deme
Cabal: Pinstripes and Pomegranates


Black Swan Investigations: This business was recently opened in one of the buildings on The Mean Streets which was left abandoned after the Hurricane forced the previous owners out of the city and it received a great deal of damage. Renovations were made and without much fan-fare at all, one day a new sign was painted on the front door and a placard indicated it was open for business with the following advertisement finding a place in the yellow pages, news paper classifieds and occasional flyer:

Black Swan Investigations
Lost People and Items Found. Private Investigating.
Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.


IC Notes:
Panthea has only somewhat recently completed her training as a Shravaka, within her Tradition, under the tutelage of a man known simply as Erol. She worked during that time with a team that became known even outside of the Tradition for their vigorous devotion in the hunt for serial murderers and sexual predators, particularly those who focus their attention on children. Erol lead this team.

Unless otherwise specified, at all times there is a chance that Awareness might be triggered in Panthea’s presence. (As a result of something that is nearly at all times kept upon her person.)

Panthea has an extremely high Willpower and Arcane 3.

Notable Merits: Concentration, Eidetic Memory, Ability Aptitude: Alertness
Notable Flaws: Compulsively Clean

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