Portrayed by Marley Shelton
Fullname Nora Lene Olson
Birthday May 2
Species Mortal+
Age 24
Height 5'6"
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Merits Calm Heart, Friendly Face, Medium
Flaws Naive, Pacifist, Speech Impediment


There's not much to tell about Nora's almost abhorrently normal upbringing. She was raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota, born to the children of Swedish immigrants. Nora was plagued from an early age by a stutter that doctors could find no logical explanation for. Despite the girl's speech impediment, she was outgoing, sociable, and had little anxiety in her personal life.

Nora's early life was boring, to say the very least. There is no record of abuse, though the normal childhood ailments plagued her. And a few slightly bizarre ones. When Nora was around eleven, she noticed that objects began to move by themselves around her when she concentrated on them. After too many 'coincidences', Nora had to concede that they were not actually coincidences. Nora discovered that she was psychokinetic, possessing the power to move things with her mind. Nora didn't bother to tell anyone about her power. She was already a stutterer; she didn't want to be shunned even further or thought of as more different because of her new found power.

Middle school came and passed without much incident. Around her freshmen year of high school, Nora stumbled upon two new powers that had apparently lain dormant for a while. On top of everything else, Nora was able to call spirits to her — at her own caution. And she was clairvoyant. Despite the fact that she was given extraordinary powers, Nora chose to ignore them and focus on her studies. The hard work paid off and she was awarded a full scholarship to New York University's Steinhardt branch. Nora learned how to focus on her powers a little more and ended up refining a few of them throughout college.

Six years later, Nora graduated from Steinhardt with a Masters in Social Studies. Nora's need to help people and the urge for a change of scenery led her to Houston.


Song Artist Link
Psyche Nouvelle Vague "You're alone in the pack, you're feeling like you want to go home..."
Pearl's Dream Bat For Lashes "For my heart is a child that stumbles lonely for the arms of a bride."
Spellbound Siouxsie & The Banshees "You hear laughter crackling through the walls, it sends you spinning. You have no choice."
Le Tourment de Laura Akira Yamaoka Instrumental
What I Say and What I Mean The Like "Closing up the wounds, I suppose it's best to take some more time. Then why do I find that we've closed every door in our lives?"
Earwig Town Chairlift "They burrow in through your left ear, lay their eggs and crawl out the right."
Apple Blossom The White Stripes "Lots of girls walk around in tears, but that's not for you."
Good Love Bat For Lashes "Whisper you mean it, say you'll stay. Hold my heart 'til brighter days."
Help I'm Alive Metric "Come take my pulse, the pace is on a runaway train."


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