Monsignor Michael Leonard's Vitals
Name: Brandon Thomas 'Michael' Leonard
Race: Mage
Shortdesc: Trustworthy clean-cut man in his 40s.
Position: Pastor, Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
Themesong: One - U2
Richard Gere as Brandon Thomas 'Michael' Leonard

Tradition: Celestial Chorus
Faction: Knights of St George (with Nashimite sympathies)

Michael has been serving the priesthood since his awakening some years ago and serves the Vatican as an exorcist and occult expert. He's been sent (by his Order) to Houston to aid in the relief efforts (Public info) and to ascertain if the ebbing spirituality of the area is a sign of something greater (Sphere info).

Notable Merits: Sanctity
Notable Flaws: Defective Vision (farsighted), Primal Marks (St George of Lydda), Bard's Tongue
(By notable, I mean that these are/can be readily apparent in an rp situation. There are others. :)


Council of Nine - God works in mysterious ways. These are the souls who have heard the divine Word and it has awakened them to His plan. Perhaps one day they will accept the Gift for what it is. Others live in denial. Such is the burden of free will.

Technocracy - They have turned their back upon the Divine and laid claim to the Infernal's greatest trick. While they may deny the Infernal, their denial of God serves Lucifer just as well.

Shapeshifters - Cursed souls? I wonder what brought you to such an existence. Some of you are noble and yet some have succombed to the beast within. Seek peace and redemption may yet be yours.

Vampires - The Lost. Their souls are damned and yet I will give up on no one. God's mercy knows no end. Turn from the darkness and you may yet be saved. Embrace your curse and I will be His instrument.

The Infernal - I have dedicated my life to your eradication. I only pray that no temptation proves to be my better.

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