Full Name Lisa Bauer
Shortdesc Cute spunky shrink.
Birthday December 25, 1981
Supernatural Enlightened Scientist
Age 27
Height 5'7"
Weight 134 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black


Name: Lisa Candace Bauer
Convention: Void Engineers
Methodology: Neutralization Specialist Corps
Status: Investigator - Psych Ops and Project Invictus

Primary Duties: Observe, Direct, and Sanitize sites where the masses have experienced Reality Deviant activity; Counsel and supervise Technocrats who have seen and experience 'too much' and might break down as part of Psych Ops.

Rank: Lisa is considered an Investigator rank Technocrat amongst the community, though she is a considered a coordinator amongst those in the know about Project Invictus.

IC Notes: Once a promising student in the Research and Execution division, Lisa found her strengths applying the latest technologies and Enlightened Science instead of developing new technologies after an attack on the X-2351 construct by reality deviants. As such, she has proven herself a capable field agent having even appeared on a few episodes of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures serving as a guest investigator to look at the veracity of claims at hauntings. Her specialties lay in dealing with alien entities from beyond and as such she has been known to develop quick on the fly MacGuyver esque procedures to stop such creatures.

OOC Notes: On the run from various Pentex First teams for her investigation into their connection to the Special Projects Division, Lisa is a highly trained field agent for Project Invictus. Now she's in the Houston area looking for more evidence against the SPD which has other SPD agents and other Pentex First Teams hunting her down.

Spheres: Lisa is a generalist, being a member of the NSC and is thus capable in the fields of Dimensional Science, Mind, Matter, Forces and Life.

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