Full Name Kaden Benjamin Ayres
Shortdesc A rangy, wolfish-featured man with glasses
Birthday January 5th, 1981
Supernatural Mage
Age 28
Height 6'4"
Weight 195lbs
Eyes White-Green
Hair Dark Golden Blond
Merits Catlike Balance, Medium, Oracular Ability
Flaws Addiction(1):Caffeine, Bad Sight, Nightmares, Primal Marks, Territorial:Home/Sanctum

Supernatural Community

Type: Mage
Essence: Questing
Sect: Council of Nine, Traditions
Tradition: Euthanatos
Faction: Hierochthonoi (Pomegranate Deme) - By living a life of excellence and wisdom, a Mage earns the right to wield the power of the gods.
Rank: Depending on which titles are used; Erinyes, Chela, or Disciple.
Cabal: Pinstripes and Pomegranates

Mundane Background

To most, Kaden would seem like a fairly normal individual, when he is noticed at all. The air of an academic is present, though most often his clothing is more relaxed than professional. A Teaching Fellow at the University of Houston, he has taken over a few classes under Professor Emmeline Ross, who is also relatively new to Houston after one of the others left following Hurricane Vicky.

Kaden himself is a native of San Francisco, California and the second oldest of four children born to his upper middle-class family. His parents are Alexander and Blaire Ayres, both white-collar workers. Upon graduation from high school, he attended the university of San Francisco, eventually going through graduate school to earning a Masters. During and after his studies, he participated in summer programs.

After spending several years abroad, following his achievement of a Masters degree, Kaden returned to California before determining to come to Houston. He has a keen interest in the effects of the storm on the city. Though not currently enrolled in classes, he has presented his credentials and secured a position as a Teaching Fellow. A modest income, and the man is not known for a showy nature or particular interest in finery.

Supernatural Background

While most might assume that a mage's hand in supernatural affairs begins at Awakening, this was not so for Kaden. Following the accidental death of his younger sister, he became aware that the voices he had heard (and had learned to keep a secret, being nervous about seeing a psychiatrist and being medicated) were actually the souls of the restless dead. She was an invisible companion to him, until they parted ways when he left after college. One form of information for him, in learning about the supernatural world.

Other aspects had come with the loss of his last baby teeth (a bit late) and further growth towards adulthood, much to Kaden's chagrin, in a manner which must have signaled his avatar coming to partial wakefulness. No power other than communication with the dead and being able to detect small amounts of fate in things surfaced at the time. While he had always had strangely pale green eyes, his eyeteeth came in longer than they should have been giving him short fangs. In addition, his features were more angular than usual, almost predatory. Some teasing ensued during middle and high school, causing him to be somewhat of a loner. Thankfully he learned to just shrug things off or explain them away later, even proclaiming at one point that he'd filed his teeth. The goth crowd found him interesting…

Kaden has been Awakened since early in his twenty-fifth year, succeeding in surviving a natural Agama te Sojourn as it was called by the more Indian Euthanatos, when an episode of pneumonia turned into sepsis. A local Euthanatos, having foreseen his Awakening, brought him into the Tradition in order to learn the mysteries of life, death, and their connections with the gods of old. Particularly of the chthonic gods, and Kaden has found himself with a certain love of Heckate in particular, though he always searches for knowledge and comparisons.

Now in Houston, Kaden has taken on an acolyte and potential apprentice who has natural aptitude with the lands of the dead. He has begun to teach the younger man about the supernatural world more readily, in addition to some small spells. This has also been somewhat extended to the young man's significant other. However, it seems that problems come with this acolyte in the form of an insidious family situation…

Other Notes

Kaden remembers some of his past lives, including a point when he was one of the early psychologists in Germany towards the end of the Industrial Revolution. This life began in 1864. At the time also a member of the Euthanatos Tradition, he particularly took interest in studying the effects of the world's current state in changing the Umbra. He remembers back no further than this, and even these memories do not allow him too much leeway as of yet. This life ended in a particularly nasty death in which he was trapped in an umbral realm, left by his cabal to die in a horrible fashion. This is the origin of his Nightmares flaw.

The second life in which Kaden remembers was during the early 1900s, beginning in the 1920s. This life found him as a British physician during England's occupation and claim on India. It was during this time that he became, again, a member of the Euthanatos Tradition leaning more towards the Hindu teachings that pertain to the Tradition. During the 1940s he served as a military doctor in World War II.

Kaden's father, Alexander, is a sorcerer. Though he taught Kaden part of what he knows about the occult, the man himself never taught his son sorcery. Partially between a desire to wait and see if he would be asked about it, and partially because it took him some time to become qualified as a teacher. By then, Kaden was already studying so many mundane disciplines that he didn't wish to burden the boy more.

Flaws and Merits

Addiction (1 pt. Flaw): If denied access to addiction, down number of dice equal to Flaw level (1, 2 or 3) until you obtain next fix. If deprived for period of time take Flaw's worth in points as die penalties to all rolls

Notes: Kaden is addicted to caffeine.


Council of Nine: We're a mixed bag, to be sure. We're not always going to see eye to eye. I prefer to give insight from the sidelines instead of making any power plays. My mind and hands are best thinking and doing other things.


Song Artist Quote
Deeper Underground Jamiroquai "Some people with a pocket full of money, and an eye full of hate. Take your pleasure with destruction of the the very thing, that they try to create."
Game of Life Scorpions "In the game of life we live and die. Another breath begins, another chance to win the fight."


Title Characters Involved Synopsis
Brb, Zombies Jared, Kaden, Moira, Nora The Rosettis, Kaden, and Nora return from the bars… Only to find that a lesser undead part of the Rosetti curse is lurking.
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