Juliette Thompson
Juliette's Vitals
Name: Juliette Thompson
Race: Human
Shortdesc: {$Shortdesc}
Position: Casino-Hotel Owner, Heron Starlight
Themesong: {$Themesong}
{$Actor} as Juliette Thompson

Juliette has had a very experienced life so far after having moved all over. Her past has a few bad apples in them. Many of which she wishes could make go away but nonetheless, she is here in Houston. She owns the Heron Starlight. It is a hotel, casino, spa, restaurant, night club, entertainment lounge and more. She can be seen outside the loop, walking in the suburbs and perhaps a few other places if she needs to wander there.


  • Come gambling at the casino
  • Come dance, sing, or perform at one of the lounges or restaurants in the hotel
  • Have a wedding at the hotel's church with the reception at the banquet hall
  • Rent a meeting hall for a conference
  • Be a PC that doesn't pay his hotel bill so she can have you investigated
  • Ask her player about people in Juliette's past that can be brought up in rp
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