Fullname Jared Rosetti
Birthday April 27th, 1984
Species Mortal+ — Psychic/Sorcerer Fusion
Age 25
Height 5'10"
Weight 156lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Merits Medium, Ability Aptitude: Athletics, Common Sense, Alcohol Tolerance, Daredevil
Flaws Enemy (4), Devil's Mark, Echoes (2)

Tradition ~ Euthanatos (Acolyte)
Essence ~ Primordial


Originally from Canada, Jared was born into everyone's favorite incestuous, evil Italian extended family: the Giovanni. Part of a smaller southern Italian branch of the family, Jared's bloodline stretches back to the old country where the Rosettis were part of a group of mediums and witches that would chase evil spirits and strenogi (vampires) out of local villages for a price or favor. Travelers by nature, they did not maintain enough close alliances to prevent half of the family being captured by the nascent Giovanni family and forced into servitude as ghouls. Anyway, that's all ancient history — the important thing is that Jared, through either luck or just natural tenacity, was able to get away from his family, steal a bunch of their money, and flee into the United States. Oh, this pissed off poor grandpa Guiseppe — having long since taken the Kiss who was planning on passing on the family Curse to the young, talented psychic.

However, Jared waited until he was about twenty-four before he finally dropped out of sight into the United States. He left home at the age of 17, heading from his hometown of Vancouver to the city of Toronto. It was there that he attended college. Attending college is normally stressful enough for someone fresh out on their own and struggling with money without being chased by your crazy vampiric family. It was a wonder that Jared managed to go through six years of college, achieving a Master's degree in Psychology without being killed. Obviously, this estranged him from his classmates. When you have to constantly look over your shoulder out of fear that your grandfather is going to leap out of the darkness, it causes friction in friendships and relationships, no doubt. Also, it's really hard to explain.

So, a Master's degree in Psychology and a little bit of cash left over, Jared decided to leave. Well. His decision was certainly based in part to the fact that shortly after his graduation ceremony, he was attacked. It was a simple thing, and actually quite random. Through the Giovanni splinter group the Milliners, Jared was discovered manipulating and dealing with spirits in Toronto, trying to help them recover and protect their fetters. Near the end of his stay in Toronto, his apartment was a veritable treasure trove of fetters for spirits across the Toronto necropolis, Renegade and Heretic alike. A Neonate and his ghoul broke into Jared's apartment upon the discovery of this through a bound Hierarch legionaire; luckily, Jared had also acquired a bit of influence amongst the dead, and was aided by a couple Spooks who sought to protect their crazy Quick friend. In the fight, the vampire was knocked unconscious by the wraiths reaching across the Shroud, and Jared choked the ghoul to death, then fled town.

As to what happened to the bodies, no one's really sure. Maybe the vampire woke up and disposed of them, maybe he met Final Death and Puppeteers removed the corpses. Who knows. Jared's always expected cops to show up on his door and start asking a lot of uncomfortable questions, but it hasn't happened yet. In any case, word reached his crazy old bastard of a grandfather who finally decided that having a huge security breach who's actually killing off the family's help was now a big enough deal to start sending people after him. It was in Detroit that Jared encountered Frank Rosetti, a member of his family who had taken the Kiss a couple centuries before and was specifically charged with dealing with ghouls and family members who learned the Truth but denied their birthright.

The Masquerade was utterly destroyed that night. With Jared's manipulation of ectoplasm combined with the spiritual combat that took place amongst both sides' wraithly allies, the different Disciplines thrown at the psychic, there was a huge breach which probably sent the Prince screaming in terror. Obviously, Jared knew that he was no longer welcome in Detroit. So, further south was definitely the way to go.

He encountered a strange old Gaunt in Atlanta who read Jared's deathmarks and fate and told him the secrets of his family's past. He also explained to Jared about the curious nature of Houston and hurricane Vicky. Jared thought, "What the hell," and headed southwest to Houston. It was probably the furthest place from Toronto and Vancouver that he could get without crossing into Mexico, and to hell with learning another language just to escape his insane family.

In Houston, he met a Euthanatos mage who was curious about the history that Jared explained, and began instructing Jared on the methods of calling upon Fate. Jared, not being Awakened and not really understanding the process of Awakening (but interested enough to try), began to learn linear magic based around the Euthanatos paradigm. His goal is to get back to the origins of the Rosetti family and combine sorcerous merit with psychic strength to throw off the shackles of his oppressors and return his family to their original goal of defending the world against evil, rather than bolstering the evil that seeks to destroy it.

Notable Powers: Channeling, Ectoplasmic Control, Fortune, Mental Shielding, Telepathy.


Primarily, Jared is hunted by a vampire named Frank Rosetti. He is Jared's great-uncle, the brother of his grandfather Guiseppe. Frank is trained in various forms of combat (assume an 8 dice pool in Melee, Firearms and Brawl) and is a master of the Ash path and proficient in the Bone path of Necromancy (Necromancy 5/Ash 5/Bone 3). He is a member of clan Giovanni and has three ghouls who are combat trained (assume a 6 dice pool in Melee and Firearms); their names are Benito, Lou and Antonio. Benito has taken the second step along the Necromancy path of Ash, and Lou and Antonio are primarily muscle-bound ghouls who serve the family as Enforcers after receiving the Proxy Kiss.

Frank also has proficiency in Fortitude, Potence and Auspex (Potence 2, Fortitude 3, Auspex 3) and actively hunts Jared whenever he can find him. He uses his ghouls to do most of the foot work. Assume that Benito has Necromancy 2 (Ash), Potence 1 and Lou and Antonio both have Potence 1, Celerity 1. Frank will also create zombies to hunt Jared when his work requires him to play politics with the family. What prevents Frank from being a 5 point flaw is that there's someone in the Rosetti family that seems to look out for Jared at least a little bit, convincing Frank that his time is better spent elsewhere and suggesting that he let his ghouls and shambling hordes do most of the work for him. As to who this benefactor is, Jared has no idea.


Unknown Rosetti Supporter - Jared is supported by a member of his family, who works behind the scenes to protect him from the full onslaught of Frank Rosetti's incredible abilities. He will not make himself known, nor will s/he actively come out and speak with Jared. The Benefactor simply exists in the background, working some weird political game regarding the Medium. There's no telling if this is due to an ulterior motive, or if it's out of kindness to Jared. Perhaps it's simply part of the game that the Rosetti family plays with their mortal progeny.

Karen Culver - Karen is Jared's ex-girlfriend. Well. Sort of; they spent a good deal of time in an on-again, off-again relationship during college, which eventually just became a friendship. She now works as a marketing agent in New York City, New York doing work for a sporting magazine. Karen will help Jared out with business acumen and financial suggestions, and he often calls upon her to offer advice in how to manage and maintain his money.


Bradley James - Bradley is a local drug dealer. Jared doesn't do drugs and doesn't ever plan on doing them, but he knows that his family deals in them pretty frequently. He helps keep Jared's ear to the street; Jared will sometimes check in with him to see if there are new dealers in town, or a serious amount of hardcore shit is hitting the streets. He's a form of information for him, and if he were so inclined, he probably could make a purchase or two discretely.

Quinn Ramirez - Quinn is an old hispanic punk and former skateboarding star from around the Houston area. Now, Quinn just owns a quaint little punk auditorium called National Product. Included within the bar is a place for local bands to play, out-of-town bands to play and a sectioned-off area for skaters to show off or practice that sits in an outside room. As Bradley is, Quinn is a source of information for Jared.


Song Artist Quote
A Light So Dim The Black Heart Procession "You be the lighthouse, in the storm. I'll be the ship with a thousand dead souls."
Colorado Sunrise 3oh!3 "I got no car, I never cared because I got no place to go — in a room, a single wall I couldn't pay a plant to grow."
We Are Nowhere And It's Now Bright Eyes "I've been sleeping so strange at night, side effects they don't advertise."
Death of Me City And Colour "Maybe drinking wine would validate my sorrows. Every man needs a muse and mine could be the bottle."
White Shadows Coldplay "When I was a young boy I tried to listen, and I want to feel like that."
I Disappear The Faint "How could I resist, it's all I wanted, now I guess I've got it. Why it happened, I don't know. Hope this doesn't last forever."
Henrietta The Fratellis "Clean out the bank and bump off your daddy, come live with us amongst the has-beens and the addicts."
Satellite Guster "Passenger side, riding the sky, always the first star that I find."
Use Somebody Kings of Leon "Painted faces - fill the places I can't reach. You know that I could use somebody."
Satellite Mind Metric "I'm not suicidal I just can't get out of bed. I drift into a deep fog, lost where I've forgot to - hold it, I can feel your ghost when I'm alone.
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