Emily Brennan
Emily's Vitals
Name: Emily Sadhbh Brennan
Race: Mortal+
Shortdesc: A traveling musician and seer.
Position: Fili, Kinfolk Sorcereress
Themesong: The Doors, "LA Woman"
(See pic) as Emily Sadhbh Brennan

Name: Emily Brennan
Race: Mortal+
Age: 24
Story Hooks: Emily is a purebred Fianna Kinfolk, a sorceress, healer, musician and fili- a recorder and teller of tales and histories. She has oracular visions and practices the Path of Divination, so PRP hooks there.
RP Prefs: I prefer relatively concise poses when appropriate. I don't mind IC drama, but I'd like to keep it IC. I tend to prefer more involved stories. I don't mind character death, but I'm sick to the gills of WoD drama that consists of people constantly murdering each other. It's a little more dramatic when the possibility of a plot resolving without half the cast dying exists.

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