Cierra Black
Actor Shannyn Sossamon
Themesongs Lady Gaga - Poker Face, Garbage - The World is Not Enough
Full Name Cierra Black
Shortdesc Beautiful, olive complexion, dark eyes
Birthday February 9, 1984
Supernatural Mage
Age 25
Height 5'7"
Weight 130lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Varies
Merits Poker Face, Iron Will
Flaws Compulsion, Faulty Enhancements, Lame, Nightmares

Supernatural Community

Type: Mage
Essence: Dynamic
Sect: Technocratic Union
Convention: Syndicate
Methodology: Media Control
Status: Manager

Primary Duties: Observe, Manipulate and Adjust information release as it is fed to the general populace through the branches of the media, protect them from the true nature of the world around them. Support and promotion of Union's goals within the area of Houston.

Holdings: Prior to her actual arrival in the city, considerable remodeling and construction was completed on an older three story brick building in the downtown area. With the property titles all adjusted to reflect the building's renaming as the Benoit Building, housing Benoit Media Inc. (Benoit Media, for short). This property has been brought entirely up to code, modernized and certain handicapped accessibililty additions were made.

IC Notes: The daughter of a respectable member of the Syndicate who was killed over a decade ago, Cierra was "mentored" for a time and was initially one of the Kamrads (employee of Iteration X), however certain faulty cybernetic enhancements that she received after an accident (specifically faulty cybernetic legs), as well as a rumored personal favor being called in, resulted in her recruitment to the Syndicate's ranks. It was an arena that she has showed a particular aptitude for ultimately.

Spheres: Cierra is known to be particularly skilled with Matter, while possessing some knowledge of Mind, Time, Prime and Correspondence.

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