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This is where you can view various pages on characters on the mush, and add your own! To add your own, use the box below, using the name of your character for the page name. It'll allow you to create your page, then you can add the link to your page in the lists below. If you have any questions or need help, just mail or page Kay in game.


Rei Xia Ming - Devil Tiger Triad Lieutenant


Aidan Danners - VA
Alethea Sinclaire - Hermetic Archaeologist
Cierra Black - $yndicate Media Spindoctor
Hideo - Virtual Akashic
Kaden Ayres - "Anthropologist"
Kay Williams - Tree-hugging Verbena
Lisa Bauer - Psych Ops and Project Invictus
Msgr Michael Leonard - Chorister Exorcist
Panthea Timotheus - Euthanatos PI
Rex Jebediah Rawlings Jr - Hermetic Aristocrat/Adventurer
Reverie Fitz-Empress - Haughty Hermetic
Samantha Hargeddy - Daughter of Ether Roboticist
Sebastian Vadois - NWO Mediator


Emily Brennan - Tempermental bard
Jake Sumner - Traveling Skillmonkey
Juliette Thompson - Casino & Hotel Owner
Poppy Livingston - Oddball Student
Nora Olson - Sheltered Do-Gooder


Yvon -


Alena - Phone Sex Operator?
Max -
Zoe - Crazy Teen Vampire


Jared Rosetti - Some kind of punk kid
Justin - Repairman

Retired/Deceased/Absent Figures

Alyssa Baker - Ex-military kin with a twist
Amora Rodriguez - Glass Walker Machinist
Cynthia Trelane - Co-owner of Wonderland Park
Maria -
Roxxie - Designer Drugmaker, Degenerate Etherite
Spencer Reynolds - Virtual Adept, disinformation junkie

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