Character Creation Example

Probably the most stressful part of the new player experience on most games is creating a character. Great care has been taken to make this process just like sitting down with a blank sheet and filling in dots. The purpose of this document is to guide a first-time user of the CG system through each aspect of creating a character, from the first steps to the last.


There are five main commands that you’ll use in chargen until you get to the finishing section. These are +cghelp, +cg, +points, +list, and +info.


This command gives you help on the various commands and topics in chargen. Feel free to check it out. Use it, love it.


+cg <item>=<setting> - Sets <item> to <setting>.
+cg/bonus <item>=<setting> - Sets <item> to <setting> using bonus points.
+cg/reset - Completely resets your sheet.
+cg/pregen <pregen> - Resets your sheet, then loads a pre-made character template.

This is the main command of character generation, used to set all items on your sheet. +cg/reset provides a clear sheet to restart.

+cg dexterity=2 – Sets Dexterity to 2
+cg/bonus alertness=2 – Sets Alertness to 2 using Freebie points
+cg/reset – Completely resets your sheet.
+cg/pregen beastmaster – Resets your sheet and sets the Beastmaster template


+points - Shows how many points you may spend in each area and your remaining totals.
+points/bonus - Shows the bonus point cost chart.

An easy way to keep track of the number of points you have spent in each section of your sheet. The bonus point chart is the chart for all races, so not everything it lists there will apply to you.


+list - Shows a list of all settable categories.
+list <category> - Shows specific items in <category>.
+list <cat>-<subcat> - Displays <subcategory>.

Typing +list by itself shows all of the categories that have settable items in them. Specifying a category or subcategory shows the actual items that can be set.

Kuei-Jin Disciplines : These can be found in the 'koedisc' category, rather than the 'Disciplines' category (which is for western vampires).

Merits and Flaws : Race specific lists of merits and flaws can be brought up with '+list merits-<race>' and '+list flaws-<race>'. To get a complete list, use '+list flaws-all' or '+list merits-all'. The lists of merits and flaws are long, so be prepared for scrolling.

Gifts : +list gifts-<category> is the correct syntax for this use of the command. Use '+list gifts' by itself to see the available categories.


+info <stat>

+info is used to get information about a specific stat. Just type “+info <stat>” and it will display information on that particular stat.

Step One: Race and Concept

The VERY first thing you should do once you get in chargen is set your race. This is done with “+cg race=<race>” where race is mortal+, vampire, shifter, mage and kuei-jin. It should be noted that if you set your race after you’ve set other stats, it WILL reset your sheet.

You should also set your concept using +cg concept=<concept>. This should be short, but descriptive of your character, such as Scarred Peacemaker or Hippy Botanist.


For most races there are also specific types within the race; tradition for mages, clans for vampires, etc. These should be set as below.

+cg type=<type> -This sets the type of shifter. I.E. Garou, Bastet, etc.
+cg breed=<breed> -This sets the breed of shifter. I.E. Metis, Homid, etc.
+cg tribe=<tribe> -This sets the tribe of shifter. I.E. Shadow Lord, Fianna, etc.
+cg auspice=<auspice> - This sets the auspice of shifter. I.E. Ahroun, Galliard, etc.
+cg species=<species> -This sets the species of Mokole. I.E. Ora, Syrta, etc.
+cg clan=<clan> -This sets the clan of vampire. I.E. Ventrue, Gangrel, etc.
+cg trad=<tradition/convention> -This sets the tradition or convention of mage. I.E. Verbena, Syndicate, etc.
+cg essence=<essence> -This sets the essence of mage or mortal+. I.E. Primordial, Questing, etc.
+cg sect=<sect> -This sets the sect of mage or vampire. I.E. Camarilla, Tradition, etc.
+cg direction=<direction> -This sets the direction of Kuei-jin. I.E. South, Center, etc.
+cg balance=<balance> -This sets the balance of Kuei-jin. I.E. Yang, Yin, etc.

Step Two: Attributes, Abilities, Backgrounds

Attributes, Abilities and Backgrounds are next. Unlike traditional WoD, there is no need to assign primary, secondary, and tertiary sections, but can use the full total of the points available for attributes or abilities regardless of whether it’s physical/social/mental or talent/skill/knowledge. You could, for example, put all your ability points into knowledges if you wished.

You can see available abilities and backgrounds by typing “+list abilities” or “+list backgrounds”. And you can set each stat with “+cg <stat>=<value>”. I.E. “+cg alertness=2” would set alertness to 2, it doesn’t ADD 2 to the current total. So “+cg dexterity=2” would set Dexterity to 2 and subtract one point from the available points.

Step Three: Advantages

This section is where you set the things that are special for your race. Numina for mortal+, Spheres for mage, Disciplines and Virtues for vampire, Gifts and Renown for shifters, and Disciplines and Chi for kuei-jin. These are set just like attributes and abilities except for Shifter Gifts (see below).

Notes: Mages must set a specialty sphere. This is done with “+cg sphere=<sphere>”. This can be the sphere used as the specialty sphere in the books for your tradition, but it doesn’t have to be.

Shifters should use +cg gift to set their gifts, as the command below.

+cg gift/<category>=<gift> - Sets <gift> from <category>.
+cg gift/remove=<gift> - Removes <gift>.

These commands will set and remove gifts for all Shifter characters.

Valid categories are : Breed, Tribe, Auspice and General. Please note that you should be entering the category, not the actual value of the category. Thus '+cg gift/tribe=Resist Pain' is correct, whereas '+cg gift/Get of Fenris=Resist Pain' is not.

Step Four: Merits/Flaws

Merits and flaws are set a little differently. Instead of +cg <stat>=<value> it’s “+cg merit=<merit>” or “+cg flaw=<flaw>”. Some merits/flaws require you to specify a point value or a brief explanation, such as Addiction. To do this, put a : (colon) after the merit/flaw name then put the explanation or point value. For merits/flaws that require both, the point value should come first. I.E. “+cg flaw=Addiction:1:Drugs”. You can remove a merit or flaw by putting - in front of the name and using this command.

Be warned when using +list for merits and flaws, it can be spammy. And +list merits/flaws-all is VERY spammy. You’ve been warned!

Also in a slight deviation from tradition WoD rules, you can have up to 10 points in flaws, rather than 7.

Step Five: Bonus Points

Once you’ve finished all the previous steps, you can spend bonus (freebie) points. These are spent using basically the same commands as before, however, you must use the /bonus switch. So instead of +cg dexterity=2 it would be +cg/bonus dexterity=2, and it would pull from your pool of bonus points.


Once you’re satisfied with your sheet, you can move to the last stage. Make sure you’re happy with your stats, because you cannot go back and change them after moving to the finishing room. Type +cg/finish and if you have points left, the code will ask you to confirm your decision. Type +cg/finish confirm and you will be moved into the final stage of chargen. There are a number of things you should do in this room, and each is described below.


+bg <#> - Read a background section.
+bglist - List out sections that have been created
+bgadd <#>=<text> - Add to a background section.
+bgrem <#>=<text> - Removes text from a background section.
+bgrep <#>=<old>/<new> - Replaces text in a background section.
+bgclear <#> - Clears a background section.
+bglock <#> - Locks a background section when finished.

The staff asks that all character backgrounds be set using the +bg command, and if at all possible, that they be short.

As far as content goes, the staff is less interested in the things your character has done and much more interested in the things they plan to do. If you purchased any merits or flaws during CG that required explanations, feel free to explain these further in a separate background section.

Staff reserves permission to incorporate elements of your background into plots, scenes and other things that they run.


Descriptions are set using “@desc me=<description>”. These can be long or short, but should be strictly IC. If you have +views set on you, there should be a line at the end informing people of this fact so they can see those views.


@sex me=<Male, Female, etc.> : Sets your sex.
@lock me=me : Prevents your character object from being picked up.
@lock/use me=me : Prevents other players from using code on your character.
@lock/enter me=me : Prevents other players from entering your character.
+help +view : Commands for reading and setting +views
+cg/finish : Complete character generation.

All of the above need to get set before you leave chargen. Views are optional, as are jnotes, but they’re good ideas. Views can be used for anything that you don’t want to include in your description, or OOC notes that others might find useful when playing with your character, such as Appearance, specific merits/flaws, or the like.

You might also want to set some +finger information, so that others can view some information about your character. +help finger2 details how to set the preset fields, though custom fields can be set as well with “&finger_<field> me=<information>”, such as Info, URL, Actor, etc.

Jnotes are similar to views, and very important. There are some merits, flaws and backgrounds that need explanation, or even staff approval, and jnotes is where you do that. As well, things in your background (the story, not the stat) may be explained via jnotes. Simply use the commands below to create your +jnote, then use +jnote/submit to request approval for each one from staff. The commands listed below can also be used to display your jnotes to other players as they come up in RP.

+jnotes - Lists all of your judge notes
+jnotes <player> - List visible approved notes on player
+jnote/add <name>=<text> - Adds a judge note on you
+jnote/remove <name> - Removes a judge note from you
+jnote/hide <name> - Toggles hidden status on a note
+jnote/view <name> - View information about note
+jnote/view <player>/<name> - View information about player's note
+jnote/show <player>/<name> - Show a note to another player
+jnote/submit <name> - Submit a note to Staff for approval


Pregens are templates for characters pulled from various books, and are available for those who don’t wish to create a new character sheet. This includes full stats, including race and type (where applicable).

A list of these is at +list pregens. You can see the sheet for these with +info, along with how many points were spent in the making of that sheet. Once you find one you like, use +cg/pregen <pregen>.

Bad Concepts

The following character concepts are not allowed for play on Depraved Creations.

  • Hurricane Survivor : No supernaturals were left in Houston after Vicky. None. You cannot be the lone survivor. You can *claim* that you are the only survivor, but it will not be true. This includes a ban on characters with the Amnesia flaw being supernaturals that somehow got through the storm by losing their memory.
  • Established WoD PCs : You cannot be Evan Heals-the-Past, Lucita or that creepy Euthanatos chicky from the Mage fiction. You may be someone who knows them, you may be someone who is related to them, but you can't actually be any named NPC from the WoD fiction.
  • RL Celebrities : You can't be Britney, J-Lo or Hillary. Nor can you be Brad, Tom or Barak. You may look like these people. You may see them on the television and read about them in the news, but you cannot be them.
  • Totally Off-Theme : No fighting robots, card dueling yaoi twincest, or animal-trainers with a plucky entourage of fun pets that fight crime. This is a Revised World of Darkness game, and it has enough weird crap built into it that involving your OTT Inuyasha slash-fic should not be necessary.

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