9-4-09 Brb, Zombies

After the commute back to the 'burbs, Nora unlocks the door and ushers the others inside. "C-Come in, m-make yourselves at home. Moira, do you want anything to eat or d-drink?" She asks, smiling at the girl before she tosses her keys on the table, steps out of her high heels, and moves into the kitchenette. A pot of coffee is started, and Fluffernutter runs down the hall only to be overwhelmed by big people. Fluffernutter runs around Jared's legs and sniffs at Moira curiously. Kaden is just given a 'meh' sort of look. Nora intones from the kitchen, "I still have p-pie. And uh, leftovers… from this Chinese place." She opens up the fridge, pondering carefully.

"That's right. I don't want to. But if I *did*, I could. But I don't." Still arguing. At least the tone behind it has changed. The commute has apparently done Moira some good, because she's no longer petulant, no longer surly. There's something of that good-natured chirp behind the words, now, and she's leaning on Jared on their way in the door. Which lasts right up until there's a rabbit. That sends her eyes wide, and while Kaden excuses himself, she squeals and flings her little body at the floor, scrabbling gleefully for the unfortunate Fluffernutter. "Hooray! It's a rabbit!" She's almost giddy. "We will have pie! Lots of pie for the tiny god of long ears!"

Jared and Noira don't notice it, but as they're walking into the house, there's some obviously weird shadows moving outside of the house. Kaden is even able to detect the odd sound of horrible moaning as the shapes move towards the car. Everyone is able to get into the house quite easily. Jared mutters, "I just don't like my sister being in those sorts of situations." There are two shapes outside, trundling towards the house. "I would like some pie."

Nora pulls the apple pie out of the refrigerator and puts it in the oven, cranking the dial to 350 once more. She can't help but grin at Moira. "That's n-not quite a rabbit, but… he'll d-do in Reginald's absence." The fluffy white cat stares at Moira for a moment in 'DO NOT WANT' mode before he succumbs and rolls over onto his back, pawing at his face cutely. Possibly hoping for table scraps. "Ugh, I have a b-bit of a headache. Whiskey…" Nora mumbles as she reaches for a bottle in the window sill of the kitchenette. Presumably, it's Tylenol or what have you. She pops a few of them into her mouth and chews them up, making a slight face before she returns to her domestic duties.

"He is totally a rabbit," Moira insists, apparently set on this- despite all glaring evidence to the contrary. The cat rolls over, and yet again she is laughing, openly, shamelessly delighted. One hand reaches for the cat's belly- as if somehow unaware of how thoroughly cats despise that sort of thing- and she manages to get in a couple rubs before the beastie has likely had enough. So she leaves it alone, rolls over and instead stares at the ceiling. "There's something outside, by the way." Utterly unconcerned. Not a hint of worry in it. She might as well be talking about the *car*. "Also, Jared, I would like some water, please."

Kaden slipped out the backdoor, after getting his spells in place. Slowly and stealthily he slinks along the side of the house, back in the direction of where the zombies were left outside. With the spacial awareness to detect minds, hopefully he'll be able to feel them and their spaces. Since… his night vision isn't really too great.

Moira, in fact, is laying on Nora's livingroom floor. She *was* taunting the cat, but the cat has run off to other entertainments, and without a distraction, she's rolled over to stare at the ceiling. Unlike The Oblivious Twins, *she* at least managed to pick up an inkling that Something Is Going On. Not that she's reacting to it with any real sense of dread. Which might be because of the alcohol- or any number of other reasons. "Pie sounds delightful! We will all have it. And there is something outside." It's an announcement, almost regal, and then she is laughing at herself before dissolving into quiet, off-key humming.

Nora taps her foot impatiently on the floor in the kitchen as she puts the pie into the oven and waits for it, waits for it. "Where did Kaden go?" Nora asks before she shrugs her shoulders and moves over to the sofa with a cup of coffee. Everyone else has been here enough that she trusts them to help themselves at this point. She curls up at one end of the couch and smiles at Moira, then glances over at Jared curiously. "Something outside?" Nora asks with a brief raise of the eyebrows, though she ends up just sipping at her coffee.

There's really nothing to detect in terms of minds. Unworking brains, of course. But Kaden can still feel the magic that surrounds the creatures as they slink outside; and it's certainly not hard to hear them dragging their feet around the cement. The occupants of the house cannot hear this, nor can they see the four slinking corpses approaching Nora's house. They don't seem to notice Kaden in their insistence at making their way towards the front door.

Jared gets a text message on his cellphone; he pulls it out and frowns, looking over it. "Hmm." He sends a message back and gets one almost immediately back. "Huh, that's weird. That Tathleach guy got my number somehow. Moira, did you give it to him?" He taps out another message, sending something back. Looking up towards Nora, he inclines his head in her direction and frowns. "Something outside?" He looks to Moira, "What do you mean, sis?"

Kaden continues to linger near the house, though he moves away from the shambling brain-eaters for now. They get a quick size up as he moves further away, keeping himself hidden. Delving a hand down into his pocket, he pulls out his own flip phone, chanting while he actually texts. Jared's phone is going to be busy tonight, apparently.

From afar, Kaden is also going to text Jared, with something that says: "Animated bodies outside"

"I don't know. Something. I sort of felt it on the way in." But it's a lazy sing-song, hopelessly unconcerned, and when Nora flashes that smile at her, Moira has a crooked one to offer in return. It wrinkles her nose. "Just a something. Probably not as awesome as pie. Or whatever is going on with that phone. Tell your friend I said hi." And then she's shrugging her way out of that giant hoodie. Without it, she's even smaller. Its bulk did wonders to grant her form a sense of solidity, and now she seems almost fragile- save that the warmth radiating off her diminishes not at all. "Didn't give him your number, though. He didn't ask. Just told him you're a musician, too."

Oddly enough, Nora's phone starts to go off too. She retrieves her purse from the coffee table and takes out the little pink cell phone, furrowing her brows. "I think that the g-guy is cyberpathic," She offers up, nodding towards her phone. "I didn't g-give him my number either. And there's no phone number accompanying this text m-message." She stands up and lays her phone on the kitchen counter before she's checking on the pie once more. "S-Something outside? Like what? An animal? R-Raccoon?" Nora asks with curiosity. "All of my t-trash cans are closed, I think. I hope something hasn't been in them."

Jared gets another text message. This one, however, is not from that crazy cyberpath guy. It's from Kaden. "Kaden says there are animated corpses outside," mutters the punk. He looks over towards Nora and then towards his tiny sister. "I don't.. you think that's how he got our numbers? Weird.." Slowly, he begins to move over towards the kitchen, grabbing up the nearest big-stabby thing. Probably some sort of kitchen knife. "Be right back. Zombies." He begins to head towards the door.

Outside, the animated corpses, four of them, standing five feet apart from one another, begin to move towards the house. There's one that begins moving towards the main window of the house, while the other three start heading for the door. Which Jared is about to open!

Once he's texted and prepared himself for the coming battle, Kaden begins to slip around the corner of the house, back towards the zombies. He will be right back, zombies, too. Sliding nearer to them, the knives are lifted up and readied while he looks between the various ones. A sort of snort is given, just softly, and he looks in the direction of the house. Backup is coming his way, right?

"What's cyber- Wait, what? Zombies? Really?" Jesus, would you listen to the way the excitement takes hold of Moira's voice? She's very nearly *squeaking* by the end of it, and she scrabbles gracelessly up off the floor, almost lurches to her feet. Wide-eyed and giddy. "Like *real* zombies? Or like, 'the neighbors are being hilarious' zombies?!" More than useless- she's a liability. And she's rushing gleefully right after Jared towards the front door. "I want to see!"

"Is there e-even an applicable time to say that the neighbors are b-being hilarious z-z-zombies?" Nora asks Moira with some concern. She gives the girl a worried glance before shaking her head. "You can p-peek out the window. In the m-movies… you should p-put your lights out and be v-very quiet." In others words, Nora is politely saying, 'Let the men do the hard work, we're just women!' She takes the pie out of the oven and sets it aside, looking at the bubbling apples spilling from the sides. "Got it t-too hot again… Wait a second, zombies?" Nora asks as though having just caught the fact that yes, there are really zombies outside. "Errr… about my idea with the lights and the quietness…"

"What? Moira, that doesn't even make sense," chastizes Jared. He opens the door and, yep. Honest to God zombies are right there. Three of them, even. And they're all probably between the ages of 17-19 year old boys. "Huh. Someone zombified the breakfast club." He glances down at the knife in his hand and then looks at his sister. "Moira, get away from the door! NOW!" Of course, what is Jared going to do? Why, something stupid, of course. Just.. not quite yet. Noticing Kaden heading up the path towards one of the zombies, there's some horrible Latin shouted at the top of his lungs; he utterly mangles it.

Once again, those zombies don't notice Kaden. In fact, not even the neighbors in blissful suburbia seem to notice Kaden and his magically charged knives chasing after those four zombies. One zombie starts to bang on the window as the other three approach the house.

One of the zombies drops to the ground after Jared screams out in Latin. It's like his feet get caught up and tangled with each other. He collapses to the ground. It starts to try to push himself up to his feet. One zombie is moving towards Moira, holding out his arms and going like 'BWAAAAAAH' in a loud moan. The other one is heading for Jared. The zombie at the window begins bashing against the glance to break it inward.

What, really? He's telling her to get away from the door? And he expects her to listen? Nonsense! Not when there are honest-to-goodness zombies *right* there. "Holy cow!" Not even a trace of fear. It's entirely possible that all that terrible inbreeding has left Moira without anything resembling survival instincts. "Jared, do you *see* that?!" She's squeaking again. Of course, when that shambling corpse actually *reaches* for her, she has sense enough to skip backwards, out of the way, but she's laughing about it. Like an idiot. "Nora! Nora, I want a baseball bat! Do you have one? Or a rolling pin, maybe!"

Kaden, on the other hand, is not laughing about the shambling corpses that are attempting to throttle little girls. Back behind them comes the shadow of the tall, blond man, in a veritable predatory stalk. The last few steps, however, he's moving into a run and lunging towards one of the zombies. Not the one at the door, it's too far away, but one of the others that could quickly join it should it grab anyone. Two knives lash out, one in each hand, and for now Kaden makes no sounds other than the general WHISH of combat steel.

Just for the sake of being a smart ass, Nora gets her iPod and docking station. She sets it in the open window and starts playing 'Boys Don't Cry' by The Cure through the screen. She has a vaguely smug look on her face as she does so, though she cups her hands around her mouth and calls out, "There's a shovel o-out back!" She turns towards Moira and makes a hand motion towards her. "C-C'mon! Close the door! We'll go hide in the b-bathroom. There are no windows." Nora grabs her cell phone and gives Moira her best scary look. "J-Jared is going to be very angry if I let something bad happen to you! These boys may have b-been cute previously but they're all rotting and things now! It's not worth throwing your life away!" She pauses. "And you're not using my r-rolling p-pin for that!"

Certainly, Jared doesn't really know how to use the knife that he's wielding. In fact, he's never been rightly trained in any form of melee combat. The kid just knows how to throw punches, probably from bar fights or something. But, he works it light a pro, moving to defend his sister by stabbing his knife into the head of the zombie that's going for her, completely ignoring the one that's going for him.

Now, dear reader, if there's one thing that zombies are, it's tenacious. They have a tendency to follow through with one action and do it really well. This American work ethic would normally be lauded in situations like manual labor or, say, clearing out the prairie. When instilled into undead flesh, it's actually kind of annoying. And somewhat horrifying. The zombies continue on their same actions. The one that broke through the window starts to climb through it, getting into the living room. The one that smashed into Jared now moves to bite him, and the one attacking Moira follows suit against the diminuitive girl. The other zombie, now up on its feet, begins to shamble towards Kaden.

After Robert Smith is done crooning about heartbreak and boys crying, Freddie Mercury takes over and implores everyone not to stop him now. As the window breaks, Nora lets out the briefest of shrieks. She seems oddly unworried with the whole situation until there's a zombie in the living room. /Her/ living room. Her perfect aromatherapy'd living room. There's a slight bit of panic finally dawning in her eyes, and the blonde grabs a kitchen chair, throwing it out the front door — hopefully not into someone. "If we l-light it on f-fire, we might be able to distract them!" Nora turns to the zombie in her living room and asks hopefully, "C-Can I interest you in pie instead of… you know, my flesh? I'm Swedish, I taste like lutefisk."

"I am *NOT* hiding in the bathroom! This is nuts! How can you hide in the bathroom when there are *ZOMBIES* trying to-" Oh. Ow. The rest of that sass doesn't matter, because Moira doesn't get to finish it. Moira, you see, is not quite quick enough to get out of the way of a zombie fist, and it catches her right in the goddamn nose. Which shuts her up. It makes her stumble back. The hand that reflexively lifts to cradle her poor, abused face comes away with just the slightest trace of red on it, and that sends her eyes wide. "Oh no." Because that sums up the whole thing. 'Oh no.' "Jared, what are you *doing*?!" What *she's* doing is desperately scrambling backwards. Out of the way of zombies and flying chairs. Back towards Nora and the kitchen. "Nora, we need a friggin' rolling pin!"

"Get away from the damn door, and someone find a fire extinquisher! Or a blowtorch!" comes Kaden's voice over the din. He doesn't scream it, but it certainly carries. That would be enough to make the neighbors start looking out their windows, which could ultimately be very bad. When the frat boy (who probably hasn't been much changed since his transfiguration into the shambling undead) comes after him, the Euthanatos moves to step aside, while lashing out with the knife in his dominant hand.

"What am I doing?! What the hell are you do-" This gets cut off as Jared gets a haymaker to the face from a zombie. He staggers back and spits a little blood out of his mouth. "Aww, fucker," he mutters, pulling that knife up again. Maybe the punk gets the idea now. Stay /away/ from the zombies. Yeah. He reaches his hand back and throws the knife, aiming for that zombie's chest, the one that's still on him. This, of course, requires him to take a quick jump back.

THWOK! The knife lands in the zombie's head and sticks there. It gives a moan and continues on towards Jared.

Since Moira ran away, now both of the zombies that were at the door are attacking Jared. This bodes not so well for the sorcerer, considering that he takes another punch right in the face from one zombie. However, the press of the undead restricts the other zombie from getting a good hold on him. So, no biting Jared! This time, however, both zombies move to bite him. The zombie in the living room begins shambling towards the kitchen. The zombie outside starts trying to bite on Kaden.

Hmm. This is a problem. Two zombies are apparently set on eating her brother, and Moira simply cannot have that. So her startled retreat will have to wait. At least she's in the kitchen. Which means she's close enough to grab a kitchen chair. There's no flinging it, though. No, she picks it up and charges idiotically towards the fracas at the front door. "YOU LEAVE MY BROTHER ALONE!" There we go. Something besides ridiculous levels of mirth has found her voice- but it's still not fear. What it is, instead, is a self-righteous sort of indignation. As if the zombies might have insulted her.

There's a great moment of pause for Nora as she flails her arms vaguely like a chicken flapping it's wings. She opens up one of the kitchen drawers and takes out a nice thick rolling pin, presenting it to Moira. "There's your r-rolling pin! It's an heirloom!" She cries out, clearly pained that a family heirloom is about to be used to kick the snot out of a zombie with. She reaches up into one of the kitchen cabinets and pulls out a tall bottle of vodka, mostly full. After a few moments of rummaging in one of the kitchen drawers, she comes up with a book of matches. "I've n-never hurt anything in my l-life, but d-d-didn't anyone ever teach you that it's not nice to hit girls?" Nora asks the zombie before uncapping the vodka and beginning to try to douse it liberally on the shambling creature.

Again, Jared gets punched by a zombie, he staggers back and holds his aching face; with a slight tilt of his jaw, the bones crack back into place and he shakes his head. "Goddamn it," he backpedals, now looking for something a little sturdier than a kitchen knife with which to kill the bastard. Nora seems to have the right idea. He runs towards the cabinet and grabs the next bottle of alcohol, trying to quickly make a molotov cocktail out of it, peering down at it out of the one good eye that's not all swollen up from the beating.

"Jared!" Kaden sounds worried now, but he's busy trying to not be om nom nommed by gorgeous there. Darting around the zombie for now, he moves quickly in the direction of one of those that's trying to eat the psychic. Meanwhile, he's speaking again in Latin. Using, actually, the same incantation that Jared already did. When it spills from his mouth, though, it's much more fluid. One knife lashes out, aiming towards the back of the zombie's spine. Maybe that will work in place of an all out decapitation.

Since one zombie is now feasting on Nora, it continues its slow, amiable approach at mastication. The other two zombies are trying to push their way through the girls to get at their primary means of assault. They are both very, very wounded. The one that's on Kaden is still trying to eat at the Mage.

Suddenly, there's a chunk of Nora missing. A chunk of her upper arm to be more exact. She hurriedly attempts to light her match while letting out a shriek of pain. Blood drips from her arm and begins to pool on the ground. The pale blonde tries to shove the zombie away, while simultaneously trying to light it on fire. "He's fucking eating me!" Nora cries out. "Moira, run if things g-get too bad! Just g-go!" She says, her hands shaking the smallest bit as she attempts to light set the zombie on fire. All the while, Moonlight Sonata is serenading them from the iPod docking station.

"Jared, go help Nora! I've got them!" Because Kaden really plans to take on three zombies by himself. Who knows, maybe he does with that wacky tendency to just move out of the way whenever something attempts to bite him. Small shifts of the body, just fractional enough to miss. Crouching himself down partially to get under the nom-nommer's bite, he hopes, Kaden slashes out with the knives. Aiming particularly toward the one that is already oozing out coagulated blood. Hopefully to get that one down, and then dead with one of the other two. The movements are quick, like a whirling dervish. Sometimes he can look cool. Sometimes.

Hot damn, check that out! Even Moira looks a little surprised at the force she manages to put behind that chair- but the solid, meaty *thwack* of it impacting rotting flesh seems to bolster her. "That's *right*! You don't just let yourself in other people's houses! And your friend broke a *window* and you tried to eat my *brother*! Every one of you is very, very rude!" Indignant. Half furious. Kaden's at the door and it's two of them and three zombies. She's still got a chair. And so, yet again, she's swinging it at a shambling figure. Hell, she's deliberately putting herself between Jared and the zombies. Like an idiot.

Idiocy runs in the Rosetti family, clearly. Jared leaps up to his feet as that zombie takes a chunk out of Nora's arm. Despite his injuries, he's wielding that bottle like club. Oh. And he set it on fire. He arcs it towards the zombie's face.

Suddenly, a chair explodes leaving Moira holding two sticks that could be used for stabbing, Jared smashes the zombie that's on Nora's face in with a bottle and lights it on fire, and Kaden spins into a whirling dervish-like attack, downing one of the zombies and causing one of them to stagger and drop to its knees.

So, with one zombie on fire and quickly burning to final destruction, it begins to shamble its way back towards the window. One can almost imagine that the zombie takes on its prior frat boy-like attitude, and stats: 'Fuck this, brah,' as it wanders away. Burning to death isn't worth dealing with this shit. As the motor skills start to break down from fire damage, it collapses to the ground, engulfed in flame. Well. It crashes to the ground right through Nora's lovely Ikea glass coffee table. One zombie is attacking Kaden, and the other one gets through Moira to move on Jared again.

Well, there goes her chair. Broken into fragments- but two of them are sharp, which means two of them are useful. Which is good, because somehow that friggin' zombie has managed to shove past her and its path is on an obvious trajectory towards Jared and the injured Nora. Annoyance writes itself into the twist of her mouth, and she squares her shoulders, marches right after it. "Don't you walk away from me!" she snaps- in an impressive imitation of the *very* same tone Jared used on her just a short while ago. "I was *talking* to you!" Nevermind that it doesn't have the comprehension skills of a garden slug. No, no. She follows right along, and in her tiny rage, she shoves one of those pointy sticks in a violent jab at the back of its neck. To get its attention, obviously. Or impale it. You know.

Now there's blood all over Nora's pretty pink sundress, too. She gives up attempting to throw matches at the immolated zombie and just slumps against the wall. Fluffernutter slowly comes out of obscurity to lick up some of Nora's blood, perhaps saving time during the clean up phase. Nora looks a tad too gone to respond to this, and just stares in horror at her ripped open arm. Nora reaches for her bottle of vodka and pours it over the bite wound, letting out another cry of pain. "Oh God! It feels like…" She trails off there. Apparently no words can describe. She quiets down and just settles for drinking the rest of the vodka, looking mildly traumatized.

There's a Rosetti pincer attack coming at the zombie that's going for Jared as Nora sits by the campfire made of a burning zombie in the middle of her living room. The broken neck of that bottle gets shoved towards the zombie's face as Moira slams her pointy stick into the back of his throat. It seems he's all rage and anger now, completely ignoring his wounds.

CHOMP. Kaden lets out a yelp of pain when the zombie om noms him again, a grimace flickering across his features. Soon enough he's going to have another nice shirt ruined by something coming after an acolyte. A low, feral snarl comes out of the man after, and he spins around to stab the thing that's been biting him all this time. It's a very vicious sort of blow, and he comes in with the other knife after. Hack, hack.

The zombie on the floor, by the way, managed to have the sense of mind to pop his collar before falling into the table.

Well, there's just the one zombie left. Since one of his buddies is burning in the middle of the floor, and two of the others have been killed by the Euthanatos and the Euthanatos-wannabe, that leaves the last one to continue moving on Kaden. Poor Kaden.

Well, it's an almost-jab. A moment before she's really committed herself to it, the corpse falls away, and Moira's staring at her brother. Probably good she didn't go through on that one. She'd have caught him right in the eye. "Jared. This all seems very dangerous." It's patient- but vexed- and something like disapproval makes its way into her expression. Not horror. Not fear. Just disapproval. As if Jared might be personally responsible for what's going on here. "Your friends are very hurt and I was punched in the nose. And you should probably sit down." Yes. Go sit down, Jared. Moira's going to turn around and join Kaden at the door and try to find a use for one of those pointy sticks. Since her stupid brother interrupted her the last time.

Kaden is in a lot of pain, and by now probably getting himself tired out. It's only adrenaline that keeps him going as he spins around to stab the thing that's taken another bite out of him. The nice, black shirt he's been wearing is wet and shiny with blood, spreading out in small circles where human teeth contacted flesh. Most of it's bruising, but some have definitely gone deep enough to draw blood. Adrenaline is good, his movements seem to be still reasonably fluid.

There's… a startling lack of activity on Nora's end. She merely lets her arm bleed a bit more, with Fluffernutter licking it up. Finally, Nora realizes that the blood has to stop. She rips her dress quite short and ties the tourniquet around her arm as best she can before glancing to the damage done to her house. "My coffee table!" She cries out, coming out of her mildly catatonic state. She gets to her feet woozily and stares down at the zombie who crashed into it, frowning deeply. "You're a v-very p-poor houseguest… how rude." She says, before she sits down on the couch and props her feet up on the back of the zombie. "And you s-smell like rotting, burnt chicken."

Perhaps his sister's indignant tone has struck a chord in Jared. Maybe it's the fact that whenever she scrunches up her nose like that, she always looks like their mother, and the disappointed tone just reminds him more and more of their parents every time he hears it. He shrinks a little before the onslaught of his sister and shakes his head, "No! Kaden is in trouble! I have to help him!" Like a true anime hero, it's time to go in with both fists on the zombie that's threatening to eat his master. He rears back to throw out a smooth haymaker, his hair flying back from the pompadour and his fist flying high. One can only imagine the action lines that blur as he brings his hand towards the zombie.

The fist connects with the furious might of Jared's Vampire Hunter J fury, knocking the zombie into the ground. Of course, this also draws out the neighbors. The injured, bitten, beaten punk heaves out heavy breaths, looking around the lawn. "Hi." He calls out towards the neighbors. "Just some frat boys thought they'd play a prank on us." He spits some blood onto the walk. "Nothing to see. Just go back to bed. Seriously." He starts to drag in the zombie corpses into Nora's house.

The others in the room can probably feel it, it's like a big ole magickal bitchslap. Which is pretty much what it is. Kaden just suddenly collapses where he stands, the enhanced knives clattering from his hands and down the steps. Thankfully, he manages to not fall on his head, or shatter his glasses. From some unknown wound, though, blood does start to dribble from his lips. It's just a bloody mess tonight, isn't it?

"Jared, I don't think anyone is going to believe this was a prank. The window is broken and- oh. Goodness." The last is, obviously, a sort-of reaction to Kaden's collapse. Or maybe the electric pulse in the air. Moira falls still for just a moment, her mouth pursed and expression distant, almost dreamy. She wavers on her feet, but there's no falling over. Rather, she gives her head a little shake, clears her thoughts, and then actually crouches down to try to somehow drag Kaden's unconscious body in the house and away from the door. Because this is a mess. "Jared, may I borrow your phone, please?"

Nora stands up from the sofa, moving over to Jared. She pecks him on the cheek rather chastely before she glances to Kaden, blinking. "Oh d-dear. We'll j-just let him sleep it off… Everyone is staying here tonight, no ifs ands or buts. I d-don't really feel quite l-like myself…" Nora says, reaching up to rub her forehead. There's not much else for Nora to say at this point. Somehow serene pie eating got turned into douchebag frat boy zombies trashing her house. The young woman just heaves a heavy sigh and goes to pass out.

Unfortunately, Jared is using his phone, because he receives a few texts. He looks up towrds Nora and frowns. "Huh." He sends another text message, "Hey, that Irish guy wants to stop by, he says that zombies are right up his alley." He takes a couple steps towards Moira and wobbles on his feet. "Wheee.. I feel kinda light headed. Is Kaden okay? Who are you going to call?" Probably not ghost busters. He sends another text and hands off the phone towards Moira, dropping to his knees near the Euthanatos to help drag him into the house. "Uhh.. we should probably do some cleaning up or something.."

Kaden is limp, heavy, dead weight when he's dragged and he likely leaves a trail of blood across the floor for Fluffernutter to lick up. Particularly nasty, really. A few heaving coughs are given, creating small red blossoms of phlegm and blood at his mouth and nose, but other than that he's inert. Paradox will fuck you up, bitch.

Ye gods, Kaden is heavy. Huff and struggle as she might, Moira's hardly a match for the dead weight of a much larger, unconscious body, and she manages to move him a whopping three inches before her hands slip and she stumbles backwards, lands on her ass. It knocks the wind out of her with a solid 'oomph!' and leaves her at an odd angle to watch Nora grace Jared with that little kiss and then retire. "Aw. That's cute." She even grins. And then she's reaching to accept Jared's phone, so that *he* can deal with moving the Mage. "I'm going to call an ambulance. Nora is missing part of her arm, I think. And Mister Kaden is coughing up blood. And you are a mess. And there are dead bodies all over the place in here." Of course, the whole time she's talking, she's punching in 911.

"I don't know, sis. It seems like a bad idea to call the cops whenever we were attacked by zombies and killed a bunch of people. In fact, I think that it would be a very, very bad idea." In fact, it certainly seems like a bad idea whenever Jared puts it like that. It's almost enough for Moira to set the phone very serenely down against the floor and walk away from it, which is the suggestion that he implants in her mind. He's busy trying to drag his mentor over the broken remains of the chair, which can't be good for the Euthanatos. "Moira," Jared says, lecturing, "if anything, you should know that you could quite easily just drive us over to the hospital and we could say that we fell down a flight of stairs." He eyes Kaden's wounds, "with teeth. You know, like the old days."

One more button. All she has to do is hit 'send'. Her thumb hovers over it, but Moira's staring at Jared, and her expression has gone thoughtful, distant. It's all-consuming, that moment, the weight of her consideration. And then she sighs, puts the phone down. She even folds it closed. "Stairs don't have teeth, Jared," is all she says, before quite simply getting up and marching off to the kitchen so that she can find something to start cleaning up all this horrible mess.

Jared stares at Kaden with an intense sort of concentration for a moment. He nods slightly and searches through Kaden's pockets, drawing out his cellphone. Quickly finding a number, he calls it and waits for the answer. He sounds a little shaky, "Hi there, this is Jared. Kaden's, uh.. student. We're all hurt pretty goddamn bad, and I read his mi- er, I .. uh, he /thought/ that you were a healer. Could you like.. My sister wants to call a doctor," he laughs harshly, "I certainly stopped her from that, because of the zombies." He rattles off an address. "Help, please." Glancing up towards Moira, he nods slightly, "Thanks, sis," then looks down towards Kaden.

Kaden probably looks pale, and he smells like blood. If anyone in the room were a vampire or other haemovore, he'd probably smell like lunch. As it is he just looks like a gory mess laying on the floor.

There's no acknowledgement from Moira. Not to any of it. Not to the conversation or the gratitude or Kaden's bleeding body. She's switched gears, and Jared is allowed to do as he pleases and Kaden is permitted to bleed himself out, and none of it warrants so much as a glance. Because Moira is singing merrily to herself while she collects the broken glass of the coffee table and gingerly carts it off to a trash can. She even hops over the charred corpse responsible for the wreckage. And she does so gleefully.

Having a phone conversation, Jared says, "Well, I can walk so long as it's not too far. I think my sister can drive. My g-g.. this girl that I know is hurt really bad as well, but she went to pass out. And Kaden's like dead-weight because he's so heavy and unconscious. I think it's that.. uhh.. what did he say..? Something like.. Reality recoiling or.. I don't know." He pauses for a long moment, listening. Again, he says, "Sure thing. Th-thanks, Cynthia. I'll … we'll be there soon. I just need to get them all piled into the car and .. yeah. Shouldn't be too long." He hangs up. Standing to his feet, he looks over towards Moira, "Hey, sis. Go grab Nora. She's kind of a light weight. I'll bring Kaden. We're going to the doctor. Don't worry, I'll drive." That's a stupid idea. "Just … c'mon."

"Jared, it is a very bad idea for you to drive. It is also a very bad idea to leave Nora's house like this. The window is broken. Someone could come in and steal all her stuff." There we go. Something's managed to get through. What it's dragged out, however, is more of Moira's disapproval, and yet again she's wrinkling her nose at her brother. The armload of broken glass is deposited neatly in a trashcan, however, and there's a long-suffering sigh to go with it, before she's giving in. "I am going to go get your girlfriend. But you are not allowed to drive or I will throw her out the passenger side of the car. I mean it. I will do it." And, with that, she's trundling off down the hallway to somehow drag Nora out of her bedroom and to the car.

Jared mutters, "She's not my girlfriend, Moira," but it's lost as the girl heads into the bedroom. He moves to drag Kaden's prone form out to the car, much to the chagrin of the neighbors, "Ha! Ha! Friend just had a bit too much to drink!" he calls out. "Fuck, we're all going to prison." He opens the back seat door and pulls Kaden into it, then opens the passenger side door for Nora, and goes to sit down next to his mentor.

OOC Note: And at the end of the PrP, Kaden is unconscious with 7 Bashing, 1 Lethal damage, Jared is crippled with 4 bashing, 1 lethal, Nora is crippled with 5 bashing and Moira is bruised with 1 bashing.

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